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Induction cooker Working principle detailed

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:52

In this rapid development of science and Technology Society, now has a variety of electrical appliances in the convenience of our lives, the double thumb is one of them, I think a lot of friends are using induction cooker, then we know how the induction cooker working principle is going on?

Principle of Induction cooker Induction cooker is the use of alternating current through the coil to produce the changing direction of the alternating magnetic field, and in the alternating magnetic field within the conductor will produce Vortex current, and this is the Vortex electric field to promote the conductor (the pot inside the electron is not necessarily iron atoms) movement. The Joule effect of the vortex current will cause the conductor temperature to rise, thus achieving heating.

The pot used by Shang must be iron or gold-bearing copper, with its high permeability to enhance the magnetic sense, thus greatly enhancing the Vortex electric field and eddy current thermal power. Other materials of the cooker because the material resistivity is too large or too small, will cause induction cooker load abnormal and start automatic protection, so can not work properly. There is because the iron absorption of the magnetic field is sufficient, shielding effect is very good, so also very good to reduce a lot of magnetic radiation.

So the wok is safer than any other cooker, there is a long-term need for the human body to take the necessary elements, but the human body can only absorb two iron, and wok-frying in the iron contains three, but the body of reducing vitamins can be 3 iron converted to 2 iron to facilitate absorption.

Composition of Induction cooker The double thumb mainly has the ability to produce the high-frequency alternating magnetic field electronic circuit system (including the induction cooker coil plate) and the fixed electronic circuit system two structure (including can withstand the high temperature and the hot and cold blast furnace panel).

Electronic circuit system includes: Power Board, host board, lamp Board (Control display Board), temperature control, coil and heat-sensitive stent, fan, power cord and so on.

Characteristics of Induction Cooker Double thumb is the use of the coil in the control circuit under the action of the Low-frequency alternating magnetic field, after the conductive magnetic (iron) pot produced a large number of dense eddy currents, and also has an induced current into heat to heating food, energy efficiency is very high. Its use of iron, special stainless steel or enamel (pan), its bottom diameter preferably 12-26 cm.

Induction cooker with temperature controller, can prevent overheating, save electricity and safety. Double thumb introduced German electromagnetic heating technology, after years of continuous innovation and practice, we have the core technology of electromagnetic heating system and independent intellectual property rights, and declare a number of national patents. The company has always been adhering to the "people-oriented," to promote the development of "business ideas to" and for your, customer first "for the enterprise belief, and constantly develop new products as the guide, in the process of cooperation with customers has always been to the modern concept of integrity, scientific marketing concept, the development of the market concept, the concept of a simple win,

Good communication and mutual learning concepts to establish the image of the enterprise in the hearts of customers, depending on each customer for the company's strategic partner for sustainable development.

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