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How to select Commercial Cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:54

Customers in the procurement of commercial electromagnetic stoves when not only concerned about the performance of the electromagnetic stove, more concerned about the advantages and disadvantages of the cooker pot.

So how to identify the pros and cons of the cooker pot, still have to teach you two ways.

1: The Magnet method

The first step is to take a magnet and put it on the pot, if the magnet can absorb the pot, it indicates that the performance of the pan is good; if the magnet can absorb the pot, but the lack of attraction, it indicates that this pot is a slightly less conductive magnetic energy, if the magnet can not absorb the pot, it means that the pot is a non-guide magnet.

2: The Contrast method The first step is to use the iron pot attached to the product on the commercial cooker, after the power is transferred to the mid-range, at this time to observe the power indicator light, and then take off the pot, put on the pot to try, and observe the power indicator light, such as put on the trial of the pot, led light to light some,

It shows that the magnetic conductivity of the pot is good, whereas the pot is not made of good magnetic conductive material.

Features and points for attention: Commercial Induction Cooker If the selection is not a magnetic material or magnetic conductivity is particularly poor, then it can not effectively accumulate magnetic lines, in the process of using the shape of the vortex, resulting in no heat or produce heat will be very small. Therefore, the use of commercial electric cooker cooker must be conductive magnetic can be relatively good iron material, there is the alloy and complex. Shang has introduced a special wok for commercial electromagnetic stoves, designed for the kitchen stir-fry, using a good magnetic conductivity of imported black steel casting, no coating, not easy to rust, sticky, is the real choice for the hotel kitchen.

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