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How to eat hot pot at home, fast cooker with hot pot

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:55

All say "Food for the people" is enough to tell the importance of food to our daily life. If you want to be able to eat all the time to be satisfied with their own delicious food, certainly not without the kitchen utensils of various functions.

As a cargo, I have also wanted to make cooking out of gourmet kitchen also become different, have a different sense of use experience. At this time, love is to create a new and multi-functional hot pot induction cooker, can let me change the pattern of eating every day, whether it is small hotpot or steamed stuffed dumplings can be everything, just think about it is beautiful. In the face of such a cost-effective induction cooker, how can I not make the Gordian knot, especially the Mini, it is more suitable as a student party of me.

University canteen inside the dishes are already relatively rich, but eat a long time always greasy, or do their own delicious. Although the university teachers and school leaders are not as strict as the middle school, but the school is not allowed to use high-power electrical appliances, the hot pot cooker is just a small power, the maximum power is 1000W, so dormitory use, is just good. I just like this all the way smoothly will induction cooker back to the bedroom, when I opened the packaging that moment, really subvert my imagination of hot pot cooker. It is light and compact with high-grade black Crystal panel unique appearance design, you can let me at any one corner of the bedroom, completely do not occupy the bedroom space.

If I want to take away, just take up a small corner of my suitcase can be, big love! I am a love to eat hot pot sister, it full touch panel panels into a variety of functional design, not only let me eat the delicious small hot pot so simple, even I can use it easy to handle meals a day, the morning can boil eggs or hot milk, noon and evening so that I can in the stew noodles and stew soup hot dishes at random choice, Only need to relax a key can be done. Already will hot pot food ready for me, a moment also can't wait, minutes into the boiling small pot mode. It is a double layer of pure copper heating panel, with strong thermal conductivity, can be cooked in a very short period of time, but also a special saving of electricity, which is to meet my student party both want to eat delicious hotpot and want to save electricity bill psychology.

Even the hot pot induction cooker, I also want to let it have a longer service life, after all, the student's living expenses is also limited. This hot pot electromagnetic furnace using abrasion-resistant high strength microcrystalline plate with seamless waterproof adhesion technology, will not let any drop of water or soup into which, so as to better avoid the occurrence of safety accidents, but also prolong the periodicity of its life. The word cargo is not wasted on me at all, for a moment, I will have finished eating a pot full of hot pot. In fact, I do not like washing dishes this kind of, always feel that it is not easy to clean, but also can not patronize to eat without doing it. Yes, this hot pot cooker once again overturned my imagination about it.

Do not need to spend a bit of effort, just use a rag or paper towel lightly wipe will be wiped out of the oil, especially easy to clean, it seems this time, I really picked up the treasure. People's life is not only poetry and distance, and those delicious food waiting for us, food can always make people become happy, forget small troubles.

Therefore, choose a suitable function of a full range of hot pot induction cooker, you can easily do a variety of food.

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