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Summer hidden dangers Surge Induction cooker How to use only safe?

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:01

Summer comes, hot weather to the consumer brought a lot of inconvenience, especially the old household appliances, the use of hidden dangers greatly increased. Induction cooker because of safety, health, energy-saving, fire-free cooking, easy to use and other characteristics of the consumer's favor, but the induction cooker many brands let customers choose is very difficult.

Induction cooker is high-power electrical appliances, we in the use of the time especially to pay attention to, the following to introduce the daily use of high-power induction cooker seven attention.

First, the most bogey electromagnetic stove water vapor and moisture, should be away from the heat and steam, the stove has a cooling fan, it should be placed in the air circulation, the outlet to leave the wall and other items more than 10cm, its use of humidity of 10-40 degrees.

Second, the electromagnetic stove can not use such as glass, aluminum, copper containers heating food, these non-ferrous materials will not heat up.

Third, in the use of the stove panel do not place knives, forks, caps and other ferromagnetic objects, also do not watch, tapes and other easy to be affected by the magnetic field of the objects on the surface or with the body to carry out the operation of the cooker.

Do not let the wok or other pots with empty burning, dry burning, lest the electromagnetic stove panel due to excessive heat and split.

Five, in the electromagnetic stove 2-3 meters within the range, it is best not to place a TV, tape recorders, radios and other magnetic appliances, so as not to receive adverse effects.

Six, the use of the electromagnetic cooker is completed, the power potentiometer should be transferred to the minimum position, and then turn off the power, and then remove the wok, then the panel heating range should not be directly touched by hand. Seven, to clean the electromagnetic stove, it should be completely cooled, use a little neutral cleaning agent, avoid using strong lotion, also do not use metal brush brush panel, not allowed to rinse water directly.

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