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The difference between induction cooker and electric Tao

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:03

The difference between induction cooker and electric Tao


Online a search, in fact, a lot of netizens are asking about hot pot electromagnetic stove and electric Tao which good? Electric Tao "Advantages mainly include no radiation, no pot, can be barbecue." The disadvantage is that the panel heating hot, in contrast to the technology is not mature. "There has been a lot of discussion on the Internet now, and we are not interested in it," he said.

Let's start with a simple understanding of the heating principle of the electromagnetic stove and the electric Tao. The principle of induction cooker is the magnetic field through the coil, when the magnetic field in the magnetic force through the iron pot at the bottom, that will produce countless small eddy, so that the pot itself high speed fever, and then heated in the pot of food.

Electrical Tao work in some similar to the early "electric stove", through the alloy metal wire ohmic heating, generate heat radiation, let the pot body heating.

Because the electromagnetic furnace and electric Tao working principle is completely different, so the two kinds of products also show different advantages and disadvantages, in the thermal efficiency is also not the same, in the following test the author will be more detailed description. Before testing, let's compare the appearance differences between the electromagnetic stove and the electric Tao.

Believe that many homes have induction cooker, so the appearance of the induction cooker really do not have to do too much content of the introduction. By contrast, the appearance of electric Tao is much more radical.

All-metal fuselage design, knob-type switch design to make this product more "European", but also more to be favored by new users.

Integration panel, touch operation is still the main appearance of the current induction cooker design, concise operation of the area, so that users more intuitive operation, integration panel is effective to strengthen the body waterproof, clean up also more convenient. Induction cooker shell vent using the baffle interaction design, play a certain splash water effect.

At present, most of the induction cooker uses a plastic shell as a production material. The electric Tao also uses the integrated panel design, the waterproof performance equally outstanding.

"High temperature" tips are prominently printed on the panel.

Electric ceramic furnace needs better heat dissipation, increase the height can strengthen the bottom of the wind, to avoid overheating due to the electrical Tao quality problems.

Induction cooker panels will usually adopt the design of printing, the appearance of more fashionable, the upper right corner of the circuit printed the idea of high temperature, but since the magnetic furnace itself is not hot, do not worry about being scalded by the panel. Over the years the company professional commitment to high-end commercial induction cooker, electromagnetic technology research and development and solution. Since 15, finished product development and manufacturing, and provide sales and all-round customization services. And always adhering to the Taiwan industrial quality of the pursuit of manufacturing high use value and High-tech products, the core idea, through continuous research in China's Kitchen application environment and consumer cooking habits and advanced commercial industrial electromagnetic technology, to provide suitable solutions to guide the development of China's electromagnetic heating industry. As a successor to the Yangtze River delta, still as the Suzhou cooker manufacturers are willing to join hands with customers to open up a new market.

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