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Small hot pot Cooker manufacturers teach you how to choose a good cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:03

1, heating speed-induction cooker can make the bottom of the pot temperature in 15 seconds up to 300 degrees, faster than the oil stove and gas stove, greatly save cooking time, improve the speed of food.

  2, energy-saving and environmental protection-induction cooker without open fire, the pot body itself fever, reduce heat transfer loss, so its thermal efficiency of up to 80% to 92%, and no emissions, no noise, greatly improved the kitchen environment. 3, multi-function-induction cooker, "fry, steamed, boiled, stewed, shabu" everything all line.

  In Shanghai, the home of the new three are generally used induction cooker, the basic replacement of the gas stove, the main pipe with a shower.

  4, easy to clean-induction cooker without fuel residue and waste gas pollution, so pots, stoves are very easy to clean, which in other stoves is unthinkable. 5, high safety-induction cooker will not be like gas, easy to produce leakage, also does not produce open fire, safety is significantly superior to other stoves. In particular, it has multiple security measures, including the furnace tilt power off, timeout, fire alarm, over-current, overvoltage, undervoltage protection, improper use of automatic shutdown, and so on, even if sometimes soup overflow, there is no gas stove flameout tire danger, use up worry.

  In particular, the stove panel is not hot, there is no danger of burns, so that the elderly and children feel at ease. 6, the use of convenient-the civil induction cooker "one-button operation" instructions very human, the elderly child A look will be, coupled with the furnace itself only a few pounds heavy, take it anywhere is not a problem, as long as there is power to use the place.

  For the small room of the migrant workers, use it from under the bed to take out, and then plug in, what stoves can be so convenient?

  7, economic benefits-induction cooker is a large power, but due to heating up fast, electricity prices relatively low, calculated, the cost is cheaper than gas, natural gas.

  8, reduce investment-commercial induction cooker than traditional stoves need less kitchen space, because there is no burning exhaust gas, so reduce the investment in the exhaust device, and exempt the gas pipeline construction and ancillary costs. 9, precision temperature-induction cooker can accurately control the cooking temperature, both energy saving and guarantee the delicacy of food, it is important to facilitate the promotion of Chinese food production standards.

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