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Why can hot pot cooker quickly simmer?

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:04

Why can hot pot cooker quickly simmer?

  Why can hot pot cooker quickly simmer? Hot pot cooker because of its large power, simmer faster by more and more hot pot shop to choose. Why hot pot Induction cooker can be quickly simmer induction cooker is a magnetic field induction vortex heating principle, the use of electric current through the coil to generate magnetic field, when the magnetic field in the magnetic force through the iron pot at the bottom, that will produce countless small eddy currents so that the pot itself high speed fever, and then heated in the Induction cooker furnace surface is heat-resistant ceramic plate, alternating current through the coil under the ceramic plate to generate magnetic field, magnetic field lines through the iron pan, stainless steel pot, such as the bottom, produce eddy current, make the pot quickly fever, to the purpose of heating food.
  As the induction cooker itself is directly to the pot with heating equipment, according to the induction cooker heating principle, for the cooker placed into the oven or the container, only the container has to meet the heating conditions of the pot, the container can be heated. General Induction Cooker heater pot with a pan, and the lid will not be fully sealed, lest the pressure will rise in the pot caused overflow or deformation of the pot. Airtight container Explosive principle: If the container is heated sealed airtight or breathable bad, heating up when a large number of water vapor can not be released, resulting in more and more pressure inside the container, when the air pressure rise to a certain time, it will produce explosions.
  Therefore, when using an induction cooker to heat a product such as a pressure cooker to increase atmospheric pressure to make food fast cooked, in the use of the process should be strictly limited, should not make such a pot in the use of the process of internal food plugging out of the hole and other dangerous events occur, a quantity so the internal pressure of such products will increase dramatically, A dangerous accident that resulted in an explosion. At the same time, it is prohibited to directly or indirectly heat induction cooker sealed containers, the pressure in the container will be very easy to explode. Therefore, sealed containers such as food cans, sealed drink bottles are absolutely prohibited to put on the induction cooker heating, so as to avoid danger.

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