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How do you choose a commercial induction cooker for a chef?

Issuing time:2018-05-11 14:45

Commercial induction cooker used as a kitchen cooker, usually the boss himself or the chef to use, then in the use of the process, a stir fry people he will care about what? 1, the first is firepower, our Chinese cuisine mainly to stir-fry, then the requirements of firepower is very big, must fire big, only in this way in the process of cooking will be more that flavor. Compared to the traditional open fire cooker, although the electromagnetic stove is not visible to the naked eye, but its true firepower is definitely not smaller than the open fire, the General hotel, restaurant 12kw or 15kw of small fry stoves, firepower is definitely comparable to open fire, oil into the pot 1 seconds on the burning red, general fried vegetables a minute or so out of the pot.

Some chefs are afraid to keep up with the maximum position firepower. 2, followed by the throwing pot, we can see the chef is holding a pot to throw up, so stir fry more feel. Although the cooker can not see the fire, but it supports the throwing pot, the effect of the same as the open flame exactly.

This is because the manufacturers in the design of commercial induction cooker when the point is taken into account, so the pot in the left 15 cm height range can be completely followed by fire. 3, quality, in fact, this should be the boss to take into account, but this should be more important to the chef, because the front of the fire and the problem of throwing pots.

If the quality is not good, with the use of firepower will be small, then the chef experience is very poor, let alone can have a good mood to make a delicious meal. Therefore, although the commercial induction cooker is electricity, the naked eye can not see the firepower, but its effect is definitely better than the traditional open fire stove much better, and very easy to use, connected to the power supply, sliding down the switch gear regulation firepower on the line.

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