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The way to make cakes with rice cookers

Issuing time:2018-05-11 16:07

The way to make cakes with rice cookers is better than cake shop Oh, you must try.

One, tools:

1, Rice Cooker A

2, hand mixer One (electric better)

3, Big Bowl two

Second, the material:

1, eggs 4;

2, flour 100 grams (which add 10 grams of starch, which can reduce the surface of the tendons, with cake powder better);

3, sugar 100 grams;

4, raisins and other flavors can be added to a small point, not add or not.

Third, the production:

1, egg yolk and protein separately into two large bowls (this method can shorten the mixing time, suitable for manual mixer);

2, sugar 1/3 into the yolk, 2/3 into the protein;

3, stir the egg yolk stir into light yellow can (generally stir 1 minutes on the line);

4. Stir-play the protein into a creamy shape (hitting the protein in the tip of the hand, this time can be long, hit the bowl without egg liquid, this step directly depends on the quality of the cake, if the bowl and egg liquid will make the cake can not swell up, and become egg cake;

5, the flour (sifted) into the egg yolk, gently stir all (stir too fierce will make the surface of the rib, affect the quality of the cake), after the stir you will find the surface of the group together (without adding water);

6, put the protein into 5 stir all (can not use the blender, the method is to use the hand from the bottom of the bowl up, repeat a few times after the direction of rotation, about 2 minutes, you will find 5 in the dough with the protein into a paste, when it is almost); 7, when the egg pulp is ready, you can put a layer of oil in the rice cooker and pour the egg pulp into it. Cover the lid, press the rice cooker "cooking" button, do not know why about 5 minutes to jump to the insulation, wait for 2-3 minutes, and then press a cooking, a few minutes later jumped, this time can smell a cake of fragrance, open the lid, the surface is light yellow, taller than the original a bit taller, with chopsticks poke, If you poke it in, and the chopsticks don't have sticky eggs, it means you can.

Take out the pan, flip it, the cake can get down, the bottom should be a little darker; 8, after cooling, you can use fresh cream, etc. for decoration. If you eat directly, it's ok!.

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