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How to maintain the commercial induction cooker?

Issuing time:2018-05-11 14:53

We all know that no matter in the hotel, restaurant or canteen, the use of commercial induction cooker is very high, if not do a good job of maintenance, it is very easy to fail, so before using the detailed reading instructions.

Learn about the use of commercial induction cooker, in addition to doing a good job of maintenance, then the next Shang and you said that your commercial induction cooker Maintenance Three steps, we must remember OH. If you want to give your induction cooker a long life, the use of stable performance, the use of less failure rate, and obtain maximum service life, then the day-to-day use of maintenance is the key.

The following is a summary of the color of the daily use of commercial induction cooker and maintenance knowledge:

First, check before use Inspection of the surrounding environment: for induction cooker, in order to safety considerations, can not be stacked around soft objects, such as plastic bags, scrap newspapers and other sundries. Since most commercial induction vents are located at the bottom, if there is a foreign body obstruction of commercial induction cooker inlet or outlet, will cause overheating inside the stove, thereby damaging the movement or other components in the operation of commercial induction cooker, the stove panel does not place knives, forks, caps and other ferromagnetic objects, operators should also avoid wearing some metal ornaments.

In the commercial induction cooker operation, in its magnetic sense range of ferromagnetic objects will be hot, operators in the vicinity of the hot objects, may be scalded.

Second, the use of abnormal Commercial induction cooker when used, abnormal ring or intermittent heating, etc., should immediately stop work, power off, contact our after-sale personnel, we will conduct timely processing.

Do not continue to use, to the commercial induction cooker to bring greater damage.

Third, after the use of The chef needs to clean the commercial induction cooker after using the commercial electromagnetic stove. Although the commercial induction cooker is designed for the poor kitchen environment, in daily life, the chef should also keep good habits of use. Commercial induction cooker used a day, will accumulate a lot of dirt, can use cleansers and detergent to clean, avoid using metal brush brush panel.

Commercial electromagnetic maintenance, is a cumulative process, so insist on daily or fixed time to maintain it. Well, if you strictly follow these steps to do maintenance, I believe that your commercial induction cooker life is much longer.

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