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Correct installation method and debugging of hot pot cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 14:53

Consumers herd many of the hot pot induction Cooker brand selected a most satisfied with the product, the equipment to the shop after the first installation and commissioning is very important, because the proper installation and commissioning of the hot pot cooker in the future operation of the effect and use, so in order to make hot pot induction cooker more stable,

What problems do we need to notice when installing a master?

First of all need to ensure that there are three-phase electricity, because the minimum power of hot pot induction cooker can reach more than 5KW, according to the safety of electricity in general Electric power more than 5KW electricity must use three-phase power.

Because the hot pot induction cooker is mainly for commercial use design, so in the installation must be connected with the leakage protection switch, and according to the hot pot electromagnetic stove line matching calculation formula with switches and wires. Connect the water and electricity according to the standard, pay attention to ground.

And the equipment is fixed in the position from the wall above 20cm.

After the water pipe and power cord is installed, pay attention to check the leakage protection switch and electric wire and hot pot induction cooker is matched, through the power test to ensure safe and reliable.

Shake the faucet, check the water situation, if there is leakage, should be processed in time. Put on hot pot cooker, add right amount of water.

Open the leakage switch, pay attention to display correctness, if the normal adjustment gear, from 1 to high-end, pay attention to observe whether the normal heating, waiting for normal after the disconnect leakage switch. The power is transferred to "9", and the inner water of the container is burnt to detect the normal operation of the equipment.

In the hot pot induction cooker work at the same time, check the equipment behind the exhaust fan and equipment cooling fan is normal operation to ensure that the heat is normal because the transport process may make the fan plug loose.

Hot pot cooker placed to a specific place, equipment and walls must have a certain distance, equipment can not be affixed to the wall, this will lead to poor ventilation. After installation and commissioning is completed, the installation personnel must explain to the operator about the safety of electricity, and explain the operators do not to the hot pot induction cooker and so on the position of flushing water.

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