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Stupid to tell? Small knitting to teach you to distinguish electric Tao and induction cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 14:54

Induction cooker Everyone is more familiar with, but also a lot of families in the use of a kind of electrical appliances, easy and easy to be loved by many people.

But there is also a kind of electrical appliance called electricity Tao everyone is not so familiar with, even many people think that the electromagnetic stove and electric Tao, although only one word difference, but the two products in the use of the difference is still very large, today small series to explain to you under the electromagnetic stove and electric Tao difference and pros and cons.

Different working principle

The principle of induction cooker is the magnetic field through the coil, when the magnetic field in the magnetic force through the iron pot at the bottom, that will produce countless small eddy, so that the pot itself high speed fever, and then heated in the pot of food.

The electrical Tao works some similar to the early "electric stove", through the alloy wire electricity heats up, produces the heat radiation (the manufacturer propaganda is the infrared ray, the thermal radiation mainly relies on the wavelength longer visible light and the infrared Ray transmission), lets the pot body heat.

Use the pot with different As the induction cooker can only heat iron, the cooker can only be applied to the wok. Electrical Tao can be used in ceramics, glass, aluminum pots, casseroles and so on.

Any heat-resistant pan can be used.

Advantages and disadvantages of both The advantages of induction cooker is high thermal efficiency, power saving. Also relatively safe, such as the pot body left will automatically power off, more suitable for careless old people.

The disadvantage is that not all pots can be used, cooking when the fire is not too big. The advantage of electric Tao is that the heating temperature is higher, can do the effect of frying, and many kinds of pot can be used. The disadvantage of electric Tao is that there is residual heat, if used carelessly will cause heat burn.

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