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Double thumb technology creates security and stability

Issuing time:2018-05-11 14:55

Double thumb technology creates security and stability

With the development of the economy, hotels and guesthouses show a prosperous scene, since ancient times is "careful fire" the key part of the kitchen, in the commercial kitchen is not to be overlooked, through the hotel kitchen fire hidden dangers and defensive measures to introduce you to the commercial kitchen fire knowledge.

I. Fire hazards in commercial kitchens

1. More fuel.

The kitchen is the use of open fire for the operation of the site, all the fuel generally have liquefied petroleum gas, gas, gas, charcoal, etc., if improper operation, it is easy to cause leakage, combustion, explosion.

2. Smoke Heavy. The kitchen perennial with coal, gas fire deal with, the place environment generally care about wet, under this condition, the uneven combustion produced in the fuel combustion process and the soot produced by the oil and gas evaporation are easily accumulated, forming a certain thickness of the combustible oil layer and the surface of the powder coating attached to the wall, Lampblack pipe and range hood, such as not cleaning the fume pipe in time,

There is the possibility of causing a fire.

3. The electric circuit hidden danger is big. In some kitchens, there are still decoration with aluminum core wire instead of copper core wire, wire without pipe, the switch does not set behind the phenomenon of cover. These facilities in the water and electricity, oil fume long-term corrosion, it is very easy to leakage, short circuit fire. In addition, the kitchen running more machines, overload phenomenon is serious.

In particular, some high-power electrical equipment, in the use of the perineum current too large to trigger a fire.

4. Cooker utensils are apt to trouble. If improper use of cooker and tableware, it is easy to cause kitchen fire.

Life because of pressure cooker, steamed Ballo, rice cooker, freezer, oven and other improper operation of the fire caused by a few cases.

5. Improper use of oil will cause fire. The kitchen oil is roughly divided into two kinds, one is fuel oil, and the other is edible oil. Fuel oil refers to diesel, kerosene, large hotels and restaurants mainly diesel.

Diesel flash point is low, in the use of the process due to fire, improper placement and other reasons are easily caused by fire.

6. Other factors. Because of the fear of fire, people often take a passive evasive approach to deal with the initial fire, resulting in a small fire. In addition, smoking in the kitchen, after smoking cigarette butts throw, also can cause a fire accident; the kitchen in the sanitary cleaning, often appear disorderly pour water phenomenon, these water easy to enter the interior of various electrical facilities, not only easy to make electrical facilities rust rot, also very easy to cause electrical wiring short circuit fire.

Second, the Commercial kitchen fire safety management measures

In view of the current situation of most kitchens, strengthening the fire safety management of the hotel kitchen is the focus of the fire protection work.

1. Increase the fire safety education for the commercial kitchen staff, train them regularly and make the corresponding fire safety management. 2. In the kitchen of gas fuel pipelines, valves must be regularly inspected to prevent leakage.

If the gas leak is found to first close the valve, timely ventilation, and strictly prohibit the use of any open flame and start the power switch.

3. Kitchen cooker wall, smoke hood and other easy to pollute the place should be cleaned every day, lampblack pipe cleaning should be cleaned at least once every six months. 4. The electrical facilities in the kitchen should be strictly in accordance with the national technical norms, strictly prohibited the "copper on behalf of aluminum" phenomenon occurred. The use of electrical appliances in the kitchen switches, sockets and other electrical equipment, to close to the best, to prevent the infiltration of water outside, and should be installed away from the gas, liquefied gas cooker, so as to avoid the opening of sparks caused by the leakage of gas and liquefied gases burning, the kitchen running a variety of mechanical equipment

And should always pay attention to the use of the process to prevent electrical equipment and lines damp.

5. Kitchen use of a variety of cookware, should be used by the National quality inspection departments to test qualified products, should not covet cheap and choose unqualified equipment.

6. After the work, the operator should promptly close all the gas fuel valve, cut off the power, fire. Guangdong Shunde Double Thumb Technology Co., Ltd. originated from the town of Chinese electrical appliances, the company over the years professional commitment to high-end commercial induction cooker, electromagnetic technology research and development and solution. Since 15, finished product development and manufacturing, and provide sales and all-round customization services. And always adhering to the Taiwan industrial quality of the pursuit of manufacturing high use value and High-tech products, the core idea, through continuous research in China's Kitchen application environment and consumer cooking habits and advanced commercial industrial electromagnetic technology, to provide suitable solutions to guide the development of China's electromagnetic heating industry. As a successor to the Yangtze River Delta, double thumb technology is willing to work together to open up new market customers.

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