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Structural composition of commercial induction cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:47

Now more and more catering industry, especially the first-line city of Guangzhou, the kitchen is equipped with commercial induction cooker, this is a trend, is bound to replace a large number of open fire cooker. So more and more people contact this thing, also more and more people to choose this thing, but for the internal structure of the commercial induction cooker is familiar with it?

Today with you to dissect together. In fact, the structure of the commercial induction cooker is very similar to the traditional firewood stove, is a pot on the stove, the pot below is the way of heating.

The difference is that firewood stoves directly under the fire is firewood, and the electromagnetic stove below to put the coil, the movement and other important heating devices, than firewood stoves more negative miscellaneous, this is a landmark technology of the cooker.

Commercial electromagnetic stir cooker for hotel

For example, a hotel, restaurants, restaurants and other commonly used in the electromagnetic stir fry cooker, the entire appearance is composed of 304 stainless steel.

1, it is the Chinese display in the upper left, the Chinese way to show the working state of the stove, if once the fault code, will immediately the Chinese hint where the problem, very simple and clear.

2, the middle side will have a faucet, connection water pipe, easy to fetch water, the bottom has a tail brace, convenient cooks stir-fry water.

3, in the middle of the black is glass-ceramics, next to a pot ring, is used to put the pot.

4, the front bezel has a magnetic control switch, 8 stalls, this is convenient for the chef to regulate firepower.

5, the micro-crystal pot is connected with a high-frequency pure copper plate, used to generate magnetic field to cut the line of magnetic lines and converted into thermal energy; a triangular tray is used to reinforce the position of the coil, to avoid falling off because of the transport process or long time high temperature work. 6, the inside is the entire core of the commercial induction cooker-the movement, which contains all the components and micro-computer digital chip.

In fact, this is a commercial induction cooker on the whole of a structure, as for each component or the role of each component, and then slowly introduced.

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