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Standard for selection of commercial induction cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:48

Since the commercial electromagnetic stove has slowly entered the catering industry, then the owner of the restaurant kitchen is how to consider the choice of commercial electromagnetic stove it?

First, the Avantgarde thought. Commercial induction cooker as a new kitchen cooker, is a High-tech products, for the first-tier cities such development in front of the catering shop, ideological level are very avantgarde, then will follow the pace of development of the Times.

So once you have a product with a higher technology, you will certainly consider the choice.

Second, the response to the national green call. As the traditional fire accidents continue to occur, as well as traditional gas, natural gas, crude oil and other serious pollution caused by the air, the state has begun to prohibit the use of open flame.

Now north of Guang-Shen, Zhejiang, Chongqing, Shandong, Tianjin and other places, there are clear provisions catering kitchens, school canteens, government agencies, such as canteens are not allowed to use open fire, so many of these areas of the kitchen has been transformed.

Third, security. Compared to the traditional open fire cooker, commercial induction cooker is a lot safer, there is no gas explosion, gas leakage, crude oil burning and other major hidden dangers.

Once there is an accident in a restaurant or a school canteen, the consequences are disastrous.

Four, energy saving. This is definitely to do the catering boss will consider, business, you must calculate the input-output ratio. The cost of the commercial electromagnetic cooker itself may be higher than that of other cookers, after all, the use of materials, technical costs are placed there, but the cost is very low, very energy saving, than the usual cooker to save 30%-50%, then half a year down to save the cost may be enough to buy a commercial cooker. So is the first investment, behind the more and more provinces, not only the chef's good helper, but also the boss's money-making tools.

In fact, the traditional gas stoves, but also involves an account opening fee, to go to a good tens of thousands of, than the cost of commercial induction cooker is still high, let alone used. So on the whole, commercial induction cooker is an energy-saving kitchen cooker. There may be other considerations, and this depends on the idea of each restaurant owner.

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