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Fire size of commercial induction cooker

Issuing time:2018-05-11 15:51

In fact, to understand the size of firepower, you can speak from two aspects.

One is initial firepower, one is continuous firepower.

Initial firepower Literally refers to the fire that the commercial cooker starts to use. The size of the fire is related to the power of the stove, the greater the power, the greater the firepower.

Most manufacturers just produced the stove, a power of fire are similar, because the new machine, all aspects of the components or the first time to start, are all working hard, make the new machine firepower are the same.

Continuous fire That's the problem, don't we always say that firepower is not enough? A lot of people put the problem due to the initial firepower, take this factory 5kw to compare another manufacturer 6kw, that 5kw firepower certainly not enough, power is not so big.

Then with this for their own heart to judge a factory fire size standards, in fact, this judgment is not perfect, went into a misunderstanding, that what is the key, this is also a point of emphasis to speak, that is sustained firepower.

5000w Induction Cooker What is the commercial induction cooker continuous fire? It means that a stove can continue to work at the initial firepower size, can stick to two hours, six hours, 12 hours, 24 hours, without the kind of work 10 minutes off the fire phenomenon, slowly until the phenomenon of standby. This is what 99% of users do not understand, they do not understand why the stove fire will be used more and more small?

Continuous firepower is related to the commercial induction cooker configuration materials, it is a test of the durability of a furnace, endurance, and not just the beginning of the strength of the fire. This is like a race, in the gunfire sounded at the moment, we will be very quick start, starting stage of the difference between the people are not much, but in the process of running, the disparity is relatively large, some people because of physical strength, or whatever reason, speed can not catch up with other people,

Those who are in good physical condition can keep that speed ahead of them, which is a test of one's endurance.

Endurance Since speaking of conditions, materials, configuration of this piece, what kind of configuration materials can let commercial induction cooker to maintain enough firepower, endurance to adhere to it, this need everyone for their own responsibility, spend more time to understand the use of materials for each stove, more than the appropriate comparison of which home.

Small series here to provide a list of points to understand.

Commercial Induction Cooker Core configuration is as follows:

1, the main control chip is analog chip or microcomputer digital processing chip?

2. Single-bridge scheme technology or double axle technology?

3. Whether there is an independent main movement exhaust duct (similar to the importance of automobile independent suspension). 4. Does the reel have a bracket fixed?

(Prevent the coil and pot distance change and deformation resulting in partial fire, power shortage)

5. Industrial grade of capacitance specification or military grade?

6, the IGBT module is imported or domestic?

7, the entire commercial induction cooker cooling fan number? So there are two kinds of commercial electromagnetic fire power: the initial firepower and power, continuous fire with the commercial induction cooker configuration materials, the user should be concerned about the continued firepower, that is, the configuration of materials, before you can choose the ideal stove.

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